250 Air Miles for 50 USD Delta Voucher: Great Chance to Cash Out Your Air Miles!

If you are an air mile collector and want to cash out some of your savings, here comes a great offer: until July 25, you can use your 250 miles to redeem 50 USD Delta Airline e-voucher (limit 2 per account):

Deal link can be found here: https://www.airmiles.ca/arrow/ProductTicketingDetails?productId=prod2664401

You are looking at 0.2 USD per mile value, which is amazing. But personally speaking, I am not going for this deal because:

1. I have many air miles that I can redeem for Westjet flight at similar redemption value. In summer time if you are redeeming air miles for a domestic flight, it's very easy to make every mile worth of 0.25 CAD or more.

2. I seldom flew with Delta on cash tickets...

3. Even if I pay for my flight, I will use my Amex Platinum Card at full charge so that I am covered for flight delay and cancellations..

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