Drop has amazing new offers for Sephora, Superstore, Roots and Tim Hortons


To celebrate Canada's day, and the special 150 anniversary, Drop has some special and amazing offers here. Remember that they are only valid until July 7th. 

1. Tim Hortons
 Spend any amount to get 500 points, you can get this offer by this link:http://b.ewd.io/agtq/XwCxa8F8lE
2. Superstore: Spend at least 30 dollars and get 5000 points
Deal link:http://b.ewd.io/agtq/qOb5bnu8lE

3. Roots: Spend at least 50 dollars to get 5000 points

Deal link:http://b.ewd.io/agtq/cNt4XlT8lE

Besides, I have a really amazing long-term offer here:

Get 50 points for every dollar you spent with Sephora until October 8th, that's 5% rewards

Deal link can be found here:

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