How to Maximize Your Cashback with Drop: Share Offers to Earn Even More

There are lots of to say about this unique and amazing app: it's totally free for registration, and can help you accumulate points with your everyday purchase by just a few steps. More details on how this app works can be found here

If you still don't have this app on your phone, simply use our link to download: Once you link your credit/debit cards with Drop (you will be asked to provide your banking credentials, but it is secured, more info here), you can start your points journey. As one of the powerful users with Drop, thephdguy has his own specialized refer code for you: phdguy, by using this code you and I will both have 1000 points of sign-up bonus-that's pretty easy money to earn with your fingers. 

You will be able to find two types of offers on Drop: those long-term offers that you don't even bother activate. and those one-time offers that vary from account to account and needs your activation. It seems that the more you use this app, the more one-time offers you could get. 

However, if you miss any of those good one-time offers, we can actually share them with you so that you can have them as well:

It can be observed that the Metro offer indicates it is  an "offer from a friend". And here is another example showing how this works:

Simply click "share offer" and choose the way you want this to be sent to your friend, yes, it is that easy! 

So here are some great offers that I would like to share with you, simply let the link redirect you to your browser and than app store (if you have the app already, choose "open"):

1. Tim Hortons: Spend ANY amount to get 1000 points:

2. Dominos:Spend 30 dollars and get 4000 points

3. Hudson's Bay:Spend 100 dollars to get 2000 points

4. SportChek:Spend 80 dollars to get 3000 points:


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