Topcashback: A Brief Introduction and How it Works to Save Your Money

If you a fan of online shopping, you definitely should be aware of the concept here: Cashback Website. These websites have their affiliate links for the online merchants and can track your order if you use their links to visit those merchants' websites for your shopping. As a reward, they will pay you part of the commission they earned from those merchants. 

TopCashBack was originally created in the UK,but now it also has the website for the north America (Canada&USA). Now you will get 10 USD as a welcome bonus if you sign up with our referral link (this sign-up promotion varies from time to time,  be sure to double check on what you will get):
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Once signing up you need to authenticate your account and make some purchases through the website to have at least 10 USD cashback to make the sign-up bonus payable. This is not difficult if you have the travel-related expenses: 
For Canadians, you have a specific page here to browse your cashback retailers:

To validate your purchases, please make sure that your click on those buttons to redirect you to the retailer's website for shopping

Once you have hit the cashback threshold, you can choose to cash out. I recommend using paypal here, you don't have to worry about the currency exchange rate in Canada, paypal will take care of that. If you don't have a paypal account yet, be sure to have one. 

You can add your paypal information in " Account Details" (See the screenshot above), simply input your email address linked with Paypal. then you are good to go! 

Last reminder: be sure to login to your TCB account at least once half an year to keep this account "active"

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