Starbucks FREE 5 US Dollars Credit, with a few More Tips on Saving Money With Starbucks

This is a chance for you to get a free 5 US dollars with Starbucks. And I will share a few more tips on saving money at Starbucks in Canada as well. For this promotion, you just have to use your hotmail to send an E-giftcard to anyone so that you will get a bonus 5 dollars for yourself. 

A few tips on Starbucks 

1. Use Drop (an app available in Canada) you can have an extra 1% cashback, more details can be found here You are welcome to use our super refer code: phdguy

2.  Topcashback has 3%-5% cashback with Starbucks as well,Register now 

You will be asked to install this if you go to the promotion link:

Simply install this Starbucks add-on and write an email to anyone (anyone that you want to have the 5 dollars credit, including yourself), and you can find the Starbucks button at the bottom of the page, just click on it.
You will be asked to log into your account and figure out the rest. The 5 bonus dollars will be sent to your email as well while you sent your 5 dollars gift. 

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