【Tangerine】Online Banking in Canada with 2.4% Interest Rate for Savings

If you want to put some money into savings account, you will be shocked by the low rate provided by the five banks.However, if you take a look at Tangerine, which may not be as competitive in other aspects (such as number of branches, the choice of credit cards, etc), it actually offers you at least 2.4% interest rate.

If you open both savings and chequing accounts with Tangerine, you will get $50 welcome bonus (you can use our referral code: 47651893S1 in order to get $50) with just at least $100 of initial deposit (into either account), and by April 28, you can get a chance to get another $75 if you set your payroll with Tangerine. 

Plus, Tangerine has some awesome benefits that you may like: 

1. Complimentary 50 pages of cheque for each account holder. 
2. Free Email money transfer. 
3. No service charge and daily fees.

Tangerine actually has close relationship with Scotia Bank and aims at offering low fee service. They don't have a lot (actually just a few) branches, so that they don't pay a lot to the employers...

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