【Canada】TD Has Launched its New Cash Back Visa Infinite Card

Today, TD's new Visa Infinite card came out officially and is ready for your application. I just would like to mention the highlights and main drawbacks of this card, so you can decide if you would go for it or not. 

As the first cash back Visa Infinite card from TD, this card has 3% cashback for purchases on gas and groceries (now it has the first three month 6% cashback for the first 3500 dollars spent on gas and groceries). The 6% cashback is impressive, but 3% is way too normal, considering that Scotia Bank has the 4% cash back card. 
But with all-inclusive account the 120 Cad annual fee can be waived, which makes this card really save your money. 

For the insurance and privileges, this card has everything a Visa Infinite can have (Luxury hotel collection, Dining privileges, and so on). The highlight of this card is the auto package it offers you:
You can have complimentary TD Auto Club Membership, which covers 24/7 emergency road services. This feature is very useful if you don't have anything similar before. Notice that this benefit comes with you instead of your vehicle, and can cover your spouse and children as well. 

However, this is definitely not a card you want to use if you are travelling. It doesn't have trip cancellation/interruption insurance as TD Aeroplan Visa Infinite does, which means you would not be covered if you got delayed or your trip is cancelled. 

Overall, it is a decent everyday card-only if you have all-inclusive account with TD. Do never use this card to buy your airline tickets...

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