Give and get 5000 points: best sign up offer from Drop


This is definitely the best sign-up offer for Drop: for a limited time, sign up by using a referral code, and you will get 5000 drop points as a reward. 

This offer is "give and get", so if you are referring your friends to join, you will both have 5000 points. Remember that you need to link at least one bank accounts of yours to validate this.

You could use our specialized code "phdguy" to get this easy 5000 points (which is worth 5 dollars). 

Give and get 5,000 pointsThis offer is valid until July 12th 11:59 pm EST, we'll give you 5,000 points ($5) every time you refer a friend! 

We have talked a lot about this amazing app so far, and regard it as a new mode of cash back in the industry. If you are still new to this app, read our beginner's guide: 

New Mode of Cashback in Canada: A Beginner Guide to Drop

And more tips on how to maximize your rewards with Drop:

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