Buy Hyatt points with a 40% bonus: what can you get?

For those who are big fans of luxury hotels such as Grand Hytatt and Park Hyatt, this is the perfect promotion for you to save money: from now on until August 9, 2017, you can earn as much as 40% bonus for your purchase of World of Hyatt points.

Comparing to the previous promotions, this 40% bonus promotion is non-targeted, but you have to purchase at least 10,000 points to be eligible for the 40% promotion. Do a bit math here: assume that we maximize the points to buy, we are spending 1320 USD for 77,000 Hyatt points-that's basically ~1.7 US cents per hyatt point. 

                                   Buy Miles NOW

So what can you do with Hyatt points? Or how could you maximize your Hyatt points? My suggestion here would be to redeem high category hotels (usually Park Hyatt/Grand Hyatt). I will give you some examples here:

Let's start from North America here, the category 7 hotels are:

Most of them are resorts hotels, which are usually quite expensive-but with 30,000 points your cost here is around 514 US dollars per night. Park Hyatt New York is usually 800 US dollars+ per night. 

More classic examples could be found in Asia: 

And if you look into China, there are lots of category 1 Hyatt properties, and believe me, those hotels come with decent quality. 

Besides, cash and points is another good way to make use of your Hyatt points, I will skip the examples for this case. 

In sum, this promotion is pretty much worth the price if you could redeem wisely.

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