【Sept 11 Update】Drop offers: Amazon, 7 Eleven, Under Armour and much more..

Drop is an amazing app that helps you earn points and redeem free gift cards. 

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So below are some great offers that I would like to share with you, simply let the link redirect you to your browser and than app store (if you have the app already, choose "open"):


1. The Body Shop 

Earn 80 pts/$1;unlimited transactions
Valid until November 30

Offer link:


2. Amazon 

Spend at least $20 to get 2,000 pts  8%
Expires September 9th 

Offer link:


3. Sephora
Earn 50 pts/$1
Valid until October 31
Unlimited Transactions!!!

Offer link:

4. Nature Box

Spend $20 and get 7,500 points 
Valid until December 31

Offer link:

5. Under Armour 

Earn 100 pts/$1 spent for purchase over $75
Valid until December 31

Offer link:

6. CIBC AC Conversion Card 

Introduction on this offer:http://www.milescollection.com/2017/06/dropcibc-ac-conversion-card-get-20000.html

Offer link

7. TOMS 

Earn 70pts/$1 spent
Valid until Dec 30
Offer link: http://b.ewd.io/agtq/LYDvVr4XiE

8. Capital One Aspire Travel MasterCard 

80,000 pts upon approval
Valid until September 30


Offer link: http://b.ewd.io/agtq/PJjhHHYrQE 

9. No Frills  

Earn 2,000 pts when spent at least $60
Valid until Sept 12

Offer linkhttp://b.ewd.io/agtq/wqLIHb7n6F

10. Casper

Earn 100,000 pts on any mattress purchase
Valid until Dec 12

Offer linkhttp://b.ewd.io/agtq/on94Uxeo6F

10. Meridian

Earn 50,000 pts when signing up 

Offer link: http://b.ewd.io/agtq/PIuZjCCo6F

11. MeUndies

Earn 160 pts/$1 spent
One time offer

Offer linkhttp://b.ewd.io/agtq/T2jZ7cKo6F

12. Plastiq

Earn 200 pts/$100 spent
Valid until Dec 31

Offer linkhttp://b.ewd.io/agtq/tMKVO4l0mG

13. 7 Eleven

Earn 200 pts with at least $10 purchase
Valid until Sept 26

Offer linkhttp://b.ewd.io/agtq/IZH3fEt0mG

14. Booster Juice

Earn 500 pts with at least $10 purchase
Valid until Sept 19

Offer linkhttp://b.ewd.io/agtq/MgQkxAB0mG

15. MVMT

Earn 100 pts per $1 spent
Valid until Dec 31

Offer linkhttp://b.ewd.io/agtq/BqtlLaI0mG

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