Use those Paytm promo codes to save on bill payments

There are some of the promotion codes that you may not want to miss if you are new to Paytm Canada:

  • PTM7819734: Registration refer code. Receive $10 after you  completes payments adding up to at least $50.
  • KOODO/FIDO/ROGERS/TELUS/BELL: Pay your first Mobility bill with those carriers at least $50 before Jan 31, 2018 and get $10 
  • HYDRO: Pay your first Toronto Hydro bill on Paytm of at least $50 before Jan 31, 2018, and use promo code HYDRO, and you will get $10 Paytm Cash

Paytm is the India's largest mobile payment and commerce platform, and now the good news is that they have been providing billing payment service in Canada since March, 2017. Named "Paytm Canada", this new division of Paytm now has its app for download on Android and Apple device. Please be advised that Paytm is currently unavailable in Quebec. 

Paytm Canada's official webpage:

Users of Paytm can easily pay for most of their bills using this app, and there are mainly 6 types of bills that you can pay via Paytm:

  • Mobile 
  • Utilities 
  • Taxes
  • Education
  • Internet
  • Rent 
For now, Paytm is waiving the convenience fee, which makes bill payment a great way to get cashback or points on your credit cards without any extra fee. And now there are three promotions that will earn you "Paytm Cash", which can be used as your billing credit to any payee.

The first one is their "refer a friend" program: if your friend use your Personal Registration Code (PRC) to register a new account and have a single bill payment of at least 25 Canadian dollars, you will both have 10 dollars of Paytm Cash. This is a great way to share this app among your friends and earn some free money to cover your bill. We appreciate it if you use our refer code: PTM7819734.

The second promotion is that if you link your banking account (i.e., online banking) and use code PAYMENOW towards a bill payment of at least 50 dollars, you will earn 15 dollars of Paytm Cash. Don't forget that you will need to pay the bill use your debit card instead of credit card for this promotion.

The last one is that if you make a single bill payment of 50 dollars, you will earn a FREE Tim Hortons iced cofee (they will give you the barcode to be scanned in Tim Hortons). 

Well, for the time being I think Paytm is doing great in promoting their service. For users like me they can maximize their points or cashback on their credit cards with Paytm Canada. This month I just paid my utility bill and earned the FREE Tim Hortons coffee. 

Why wait? Download the app now and start earning your own Paytm cash.

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