Tangerine: refer 3 friends and get 250 dollars

This summer, Tangerine is ambitious to obtain more customers to join: they just recently set the interest rate for as high as 3.22% for savings and TFSA account; and now they are adding incentives for referring a friend: refer 3 friends and you will get 250 dollars of bonus. 

As many customers know, Tangerine has its referral program: for each person that used your Orange Key to join Tangerine, you both will get a 50 dollars bonus once the person has 100 dollars or more into Tangerine account. 

Recently, this promotion has been elevated: before August 31, if you manage to refer 3 friends to join Tangerine, you will get additional 100 dollars of incentive. 
Remember to share your Orange Key to your friends! Of course, if you feel like join Tangerine now, we appreciate it if you use our Orange Key: 47651893S1, and once you deposited 100 dollars, you will get 50 dollars (if you don't use an Orange Key from current users, you only get 25 dollars...).

You may want to read more about Tangerine before making the final decision: 

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