Tangerine target offer: 3.22% interest rate for limited time

I received this email from Tangerine regarding opening a savings account or TFSA account and get 3.22% interest rate for a limited time:

The promotion period: July 5th- September 30th
And if you are still new to Tangerine, here is how to maximize your welcome bonus:
If you open both savings and chequing accounts with Tangerine, you will get $50 welcome bonus (you can use our referral code: 47651893S1 in order to get $50) with just at least $100 of initial deposit (into either account), and by April 28, you can get a chance to get another $75 if you set your payroll with Tangerine. 

Note that you can use Great Canadian Rebates link to go to Tangerine website, so that you can earn an extra 25 dollars: register throughhttps://www.greatcanadianrebates.ca/register/203630/  and input referee email: qingyangliurick@gmail.com so you and I both will get 2.5 dollars.

Tangerine has some awesome benefits that you may like: 

1. Complimentary 50 pages of cheque for each account holder. 
2. Free Email money transfer. 
3. No service charge and daily fees.

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