Free gift cards and movies are even easier: Drop has partnered with Carrot Rewards

Carrot Rewards  and DropClick to Download)are two of the best apps in Canada that can earn you free stuff (gift cards or reward points). I myself am a super user with Drop and has written quite a bit on how to use and maximize this app before, and this app monitors your spending on your cards and issue your Drop points to redeem gift cards. 

For the introduction of Drop, please refer to my previous post:

Carrot rewards is a app that basically earn you FREE points buy learning health knowledge and keep track of your pace. In the past, I was using Carrot Rewards to earn Scene points. 
Both of the apps have an amazing referral feature:
If your friends joined Drop and linked their cards, you both will have 1000 Drop points. Our referral code is personalized as phdguy as a courtesy of our close relationship with Drop app. If your friends join Carrot rewards using your referral code (Ours is phdguyc7766), you both will have an extra of 100 scene points (I assume you are choosing Scene as the default program).

But since now you can earn Drop points with Carrot Rewards app (and earn 1250 Drop points per referral), it will generally give you a slightly higher rewards if you set Drop as your default program. 

You need to access your Drop app and find this page:

You will find your personal "Carrot Code", copy this code to your clipboard. 
Then open Carrot Rewards, find My account,change your default rewards program to Drop:

Paste your personal Carrot Code here, and you are all good to go:
After this, you can start accumulating Drop points via Carrot Rewards. And the nice thing about this is that what you earn through your Carrot rewards app can be "cashed out" easily since you can redeem many kinds of gift cards with Drop points. That gives you a much better flexibility. 

Bottom Line

With this new partnership, both apps are getting more valuable than ever before. For Drop, the biggest sweet point about this app is you are earning points on top of what you have earned with your credit cards. For Carrot Rewards, it is 100% free and government-funded, you just have to stick with those health-related questions and keep up your pace (which is good for your health too). Make sure you share this among your friends, and you will earn 1000 (from Drop) + 1250 (From Carrot Rewards) Drop points per referral!

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