Amex Cobalt Card NOW open for application

【Sept 26 Update】The public application: click to apply.
Just as we have predicted, this card comes with an annual fee of $120 which is then divided into 10 months. The welcome bonus comes every month at 2500 points (30,000 MR in the first year) if you can keep charging $500 to your card every month.

After American Express cancelled its FYF for Gold Rewards Card, it seemed that they were about to release a new card, Amex Cobalt Card.
A few posts on Instagram has indicated that some card members received the welcome package of this card:
And after some research, it becomes clear that this card is having some excellent features on travel, dining and transit purchases. Some of the leaked videos:

From the videos I think the new card is a MR based charge card with:
5x points on groceries
5x on dining
2x on travel and transit

So far this card looks very appealing, but let's wait for the next week and see if it is a great card worthy of application.

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