【Canadian Cardholders】Transfer MR points to Avios to get 25% bonus

Many Canadian American Express card users must be more than familiar with Aeroplan miles, the most straightforward way to convert their membership rewards points (MR). However, another gem is that you can also convert MR to Avios at 1:1 ratio. This is becoming even better because now you can have 25% bonus!

The promotion period: Sep 11- November 12

All the cards that earn you MR are eligible for this promotion.

We offer referral links for those cards, and you can earn more MR by applying for those cards through our links:

And with Avios you need to keep in mind that:

1. Award-flights are distance-based.

This concept makes Avios exceptionally worthwhile for short-haul flight redemption. The short-haul flight within North America, although not the best place to redeem Avios, start from 7,500 Avios for a one-way flight. Most of the flights are carried by American Airlines, a partner with British Airways in One World. 

If you are looking into Asia area, Avios become a gem. For any flights within Japan, you only need 4,500 Avios one way. Let alone you are flying with Japan Airlines, which will offer you first-class service even if you sit their economy class. 

2. Try to avoid multi-carriers or British Airways. 

If your route include more than one carriers, or if you are looking at long-haul flight with British Airways, the big chance is that you will be charged an insane amount of surcharges. And to make this even worse the redemption chart for multi-carries is a disaster:

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