Paytm Rewards: pay your bills and earn cashback on gift card purchases

In Canada, there has not been any leading or really influential electronic payment platforms for years. Many people suffer from receiving multiple bills every month and spend lots of time organizing themselves. On March 2017, however, the release of Paytm Canada came out as the ideal solution. 

Our website has written a few feature articles on Paytm Canada, an amazing app that offers you an easy and secure way to pay your Canadian bills. And now this app has grown even stronger. Not only will it bring you convenience, but also rewards at the same time.  

We have talked about the convenience in our previous post here:

 Let's focus on rewards in this post, and get to know more about Paytm Canada's exclusive reward program: Paytm Rewards. 

Paytm Rewards is basically a rewards program that builds up while you are using Paytm paying for your bills. To qualify this program, you will need to pay a separate bill of at least $100. And if you have your combined bill payments of at least $500, you will have the Paytm VIP status. The VIP status is the really rewarding point because as a Paytm VIP, you will have the guaranteed 3% (and up to 5%) cashback on your gift card purchases in Paytm Canada. 

There are quite a few options of gift card as of now:
To maintain you VIP status, you need to keep making bill payments of $500 or more every month. Also note that there is a limit of $2000 on the gift card values that you can buy, but you can unlock this restriction by keep making more bill payments via Paytm Canada. This is a little bit vague because there has not been any clear guidelines on how much more payments you will have to make, and how long you will wait after you reach your purchase limit. 

Of course, another rewarding feature of this app is that you will earn $10 by referring your friend (and he will have to make a single payment of $25 or more) to join Paytm Canada. Kindly you could use our refer code: PTM7819734.


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